No, I don't think so.


Are zebras black with white stripes, or white with black stripes?
Everyones favorite funeral director is confusing. And fun.
We trashed Debbie's voicemail.
No, I don't think so.

(no subject)

I had a dream that I went to prostitute school. And I totally bitchslapped, then plotted and executed my teacher's demise 'cause she was a serious bitch. Like evil stepsister bitch.
Then I had a dream that I went bowling with Mint and Genine and there was an arcade game about prostitutes that knew kung fu. And I could float.
Then I had another dream that Natasha and I went around, traumatising our school and I played the violin.
No, I don't think so.

(no subject)

Amusing Entity (12:59:11 AM): umm
Pyrobovineaphobe returned at 12:59:11 AM.
Pyrobovineaphobe (12:59:15 AM): *giggles*
Amusing Entity (12:59:16 AM): hi
Pyrobovineaphobe (12:59:22 AM): hello?
Amusing Entity (12:59:36 AM): I am me
Amusing Entity (12:59:49 AM): who are you?
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:00:22 AM): So far as I've been able to determine, I am either the personification of the Christ of Dinosuars, or a brownie.
Amusing Entity (1:01:10 AM): Dinosaurs have a christ? I'd just assumed they died at the same time so one of them was a christ, but none of the other dinasours could witness it because they were all dead when he was resurected
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:01:28 AM): It'd be lonely, to be the Jesusaur.
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:01:40 AM): Maybe he invented mammels to keep him company.
Amusing Entity (1:01:58 AM): sea cows
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:02:13 AM): Matinee manatees! In soup kitchens.
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:03:35 AM): mmmsoup.
Amusing Entity (1:03:49 AM): cream of broccoli
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:04:02 AM): Is that kind of like icecream, only with broccoli?
Amusing Entity (1:05:36 AM): maybe
Amusing Entity (1:05:40 AM): except in a can
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:05:52 AM): forcefed to small indonesian goats?
Amusing Entity (1:06:06 AM): and people in cambodia
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:06:23 AM): Khmer Rogue!
Amusing Entity (1:06:35 AM): Pol Pot!
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:06:45 AM): Yay genocide!
Amusing Entity (1:06:52 AM): YAY DEAD PEOPLE!
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:06:56 AM): glassesocide, too!
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:07:00 AM): he didn't like people with glasses.
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:07:03 AM): DEAD PEOPLE SMELL FUNNY
Amusing Entity (1:07:27 AM): not if you put them in a glass container
Amusing Entity (1:07:35 AM): *sealed glass container
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:07:39 AM): Like the Pope?
Amusing Entity (1:07:48 AM): Like stallin
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:07:58 AM): Stalin was my Pope.
Amusing Entity (1:08:25 AM): with a funny hat?
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:08:48 AM): what would a pope be without his silly hat?
Amusing Entity (1:09:15 AM): a guy with a cane
Pyrobovineaphobe (1:10:05 AM): bless you, my child

uh... yeah. I don't even know.
No, I don't think so.

(no subject)

Yes, I am biting the Sasukitty.
Yes, those are the goggles.
Yes, my digital camera sucks.
Blurriness/discoloring due to broken camera flash.
No, I don't think so.

I've figured it out

The reason Mello's hair is so sexy isn't because he got hit by the sexy bomb, it's because after the sexy bomb he found Matt and Matt had a giant assed hairdryer that could kill people with its sexiness.
So they both frolicked off together, drying each others hair and blowing peoples brains out.
No, I don't think so.


Guess what I found underneath my bed this morning!
A dead chipmunk.
Now my mom won't have to worry about it running around the house anymore =D
No, I don't think so.


I would be just about the worst bullimic person ever invented.
So I go to the kitchen to try milk and orange juice, and I put some orange juice in a glass. Then I take out the milk, sniff it and say to myself "Ew... it's sour. I'm so glad I didn't use it." then pour the rest of the milk down the sink.